Individual support

At Delbrook House we support and help people with different needs to live in the community. Our Care Delivery is tailored to meet the individual care requirements of each Service User.

Delbrook House strives to maintain a family-style environment where the residents’ comfort and happiness is of paramount importance. To ensure this is maintained a prospective Service User will be introduced to Delbrook House and the current residents on a gradual basis to ensure it is the appropriate environment for them and that the other residents are in agreement. In this way the harmony within the home is maintained.

Dietry needs

As well as a complete and nutritionally balanced diet Delbrook House is able to meet the individual medical and/or cultural dietry requirements of all service users. Delbrook House offers a wide choice of home-cooked meals and snacks.

24 Hour Care, Support and, Involvement

At Delbrook House we offer residential 24 hour care and support; encouraging and supporting you to take part in our house activities, to follow your own personal interests, as well as offering you full support facilities that will enable you to engage with your local community.