At Delbrook House our philosophy means that we positively support, and actively engage with, the following key values

  • Choice – Empowering a Service User to make their own choices — About how they live their lives, about how we meet their needs.
  • Dignity – Understanding the needs of a Service User and treating them with absolute respect.
  • Privacy – Acknowledging the right and need for a Service User to be left-alone and undisturbed whenever they wish.
  • Independence – Empowering a Service User to manage calculated risks, enabling them to feel confident to make their own decisions, and to think and act for themselves.
  • Fulfillment – Enabling the Service User to recognise (and hopefully achieve) their own goals in all aspects of their lives.

At Delbrook House you will be made to feel safe and secure. You will be treated with dignity and respect at all times. Your right to privacy and freedom of choice will always be upheld.You will be actively encouraged and supported to reach your own level of independence. You will be given carefully monitored, highly personalised support whenever you require it. Your cultural and emotional needs will be respected. You will be a welcome part of a very caring and happy environment. You will be at HOME…